Hardware Features

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of our top of the line media players

We are an Authorized Partner of global market leader brands in digital media players. Therefore every network we design uses state-of-the-art components providing our clients the highest quality and reliability.

High Definition output with 1080p (HD or 4K) provides the best picture quality.

Multiformat. Playback for digital video, still graphics and web contents.

Play industry standard HTML5 content including JavaScript, CCS animations, transitions, and more.

Multi-zone layouts mixing text, images and video in one screen.

Devices provided by global market leader brands in digital media players.

Multi-screen video walls in any size and layout.

Optional interactive touchscreen displays.

Operates with local network or Wi-Fi connection.

On-the-cloud operation allows you to update your contents from anywhere.

Content scheduling software and training included.

Fast, secure and reliable online server for content streaming.

Each unit operates with its internal disk if the network is unavailable.

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